Drought and its effects on our lawns

Drought can have an adverse effect on grass, including the development of dry, brown patches – not a good look for your lawn. Find out about drought and its effects on grass, with helpful hints and tips from Essex turf grower, Paynes Turf.

Drought and its effects on grass Paynes Turf

Considering the amount of rainfall the UK has received over the spring, it’s almost unthinkable that we could be affected by drought this year. However according to weather reports, we could be in for a hosepipe ban over the summer months. So what can we do to help deal with drought in our lawns?

Cut the grass longer than you usually would

Prevention is always better than cure so set the mower blades on the highest setting during warmer weather. Why? Because grass that’s a little bit longer will act as a barrier against the heat of the sun and keep moisture contained within the grass blades. In addition, the longer length of the grass will prevent moisture from evaporating from the soil; this will help to keep the grass plants moist.

Tip: Slightly longer grass will also trap evening and early morning dew in the grass and soil, keeping it moist.

Keep the clippings!

If your lawn mower has a grass box to collect the clippings, remove it during the warmer months. Grass clippings left on the lawn will act as a barrier, keeping moisture locked in the soil.

Care for your lawn all year round

Our customers often ask how they can help to prevent lawn problems such as disease and the effects of drought (amongst other things), and also how they can keep their lawn looking as good as the day the turf was delivered. Our answer is this: Carry out a lawn care maintenance programme, including regular feeding, aerating, mowing, scarifying, and overseeding, and your lawn will thrive, become thick and green, and be less susceptible to attack by disease and drought.

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Drought and its effects on grass Paynes Turf

Achieve a healthy lawn all year round with regular lawn care maintenance