The holiday’s booked, the bags are packed, and you’ve asked your neighbour to water the hanging baskets…however one thing you may have not even thought about is the lawn. Nobody wants to come back from a relaxing break only to find a mountain of work to do in the garden, so what is the best way to prepare your lawn before a holiday? Read on for advice from Paynes Turf on caring for your lawn before a summer break.Caring for your lawn before you go on holiday Paynes Turf

Mow the lawn

Many people have a great urge to mow their lawn the day before they go on holiday much shorter than they normally would, thinking that the grass will take longer to grow and therefore will not create so much of a problem on their return. Try to resist this urge – cutting the lawn very short will expose the grass to sun damage and allow the soil to dry out very quickly; you could come home to a dead, brown lawn – especially if the weather has been hot and very dry. Mow the lawn the day before you go away as you normally would (keeping the mower setting the same as usual), but instead leave the clippings on the lawn, rather than collecting them in the grass box. The grass clippings will act as a barrier – the lawn will be protected from sun damage and the soil from drying out.

Weed the lawn

Remove any weeds and moss from your lawn beforehand to make sure they don’t take hold while you are away – simply pull the weeds out by hand or remove using a small trowel.

Do not feed the lawn

Often, gardeners are tempted to feed their lawn before their holiday, thinking that the extra nutrients from the fertiliser will keep the grass green and healthy while they’re away. This may be the case, however the application of a fertiliser will set the grass on a growing frenzy and you could well find a jungle on your hands upon your return.

Water the lawn

Water the lawn thoroughly the evening before you go away to ensure the roots of the grass remain moist. This means watering for at least an hour using a hose so that the water penetrates deep into the roots.