Caring for new turf

Caring for new turf is essential if you want to keep a new lawn looking as good as the day it was laid. Find out how to look after newly laid turf with advice and tips from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

Caring for new turf Paynes Turf

Start fresh

Always lay new turf as soon as it has been delivered (and definitely within 24 hours) for the best possible results. Turf is a living organism and will soon begin to deteriorate if it’s been left for too long before being laid. When you order your turf make sure that the ground has been prepared in advance so that the turf can be laid on the same day as it has been delivered. At Paynes Turf we only ever harvest turf the day before delivery to ensure that it reaches you in top condition.

Water immediately

Always water newly laid turf immediately (and certainly within half an hour) after laying. During very hot and dry weather you may need to water the new turf twice a day. You must ensure that the turf has received enough water by checking if the water has seeped through to the soil below. Simply lift a corner of the turf to check and then place it back down. Between March and October water the new turf every day for at least two weeks, preferably in the morning. At other times of the year water the new turf as and when required.

Mow the new turf once it has established

Before you get the mower out check that the turf has firmly rooted to the soil below by pulling up on the turf; if you encounter some resistance when pulling, the turf has established and can be mowed. If the turf pulls away easily place it back down and leave it for a few days before checking again. Mowing newly laid grass is important as it stimulates strong growth and encourages the grass blades to thicken up. Tip! Always remember the golden rule of grass mowing – never cut more than a third off the top of the grass blades at any one time.