How to care for newly laid turf

Newly laid turf requires looking after in order for it to grow strong and flourish – it’s not just a case of lay it and leave it! Find out how to care for your new lawn with advice from Essex turf grower and supplier, Paynes Turf.

How to care for newly laid turf Paynes Turf

Turf is a living organism and so needs looking after in order for it to grow strong, lush and green

Why it’s so important to mow the lawn after laying turf

As soon as new turf has established, it is vitally important to cut the grass. Mowing stimulates new growth and encourages new shoots to grow, thickens up the lawn, and minimises the space that weeds have to grow in. This makes the grass stronger and better able to cope with the rigours of daily use. If you don’t mow new grass it will become weak and sparse, and the likelihood of weed growth and damage to the grass plants becomes a great possibility.

How to care for newly laid turf Paynes Turf

Mowing the lawn is one of the most important jobs after laying new turf

How to mow the lawn for the first time

Before attempting to mow the lawn for the first time make sure that the turf has firmly rooted into the soil below. Check by pulling up on the turf: if it pulls away from the ground easily, the roots have not yet established. Place the turf back down and check again in a few days. If the turf stays firmly rooted to the ground below, it’s safe to mow the lawn.

Make sure that the blades on your lawnmower are sharp: blunt blades will tear the grass blades rather than cut them, which will cause damage to the new grass leaves. Set the blades to the highest mark for the first cut, as mowing the grass will stress the lawn. Mow once a week during the growing season, each time gradually lowering the height of the blades until you reach a height of around 25-35mm. It’s vitally important to remember the golden rule of mowing – never cut more than the top third off the grass at any one time.

How to care for newly laid turf Paynes Turf

Thoroughly water newly laid turf as soon as it has been laid – a sprinkler does the job better than a hosepipe

Water the turf

Newly laid turf should be watered as soon as it has been laid. The amount and frequency of water your new lawn requires will largely depend upon the time of year and the weather conditions. As a general guide, from March to October water the new turf twice a day, or as required, until the roots have established. At other times of the year you should not need to water the new turf unless the weather is unusually dry or warm.

If in doubt, check the lawn on a daily basis for signs of drying out, curling, lifting or gaping. If any of these problems arise, water the lawn thoroughly and continue to water every day until the roots have a firm grip on the ground below. Once the turf has established, no need to continue to water the grass, just let nature do the rest!

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