If you’re staring at a less than pleasant looking lawn, or have moved into a new place and wondering if you can lay a lawn in December, the answer is yes! Turf laying is possible all year round. In fact, at Paynes turf, we grow and harvest turf all year round – that’s 365 days of growing and harvesting turf! Turf harvesting is not affected by cold weather, unless the ground is completely frozen.

Does frost damage turf?

Contrary to popular opinion, winter is actually one of the best times to lay turf as it gives the grass time to lay and establish roots before the hot summer. A lot of people worry that frost will damage new turf, but it won’t – frost has no long term effects on turf laid in winter, so don’t worry about that. Additionally, frost will not lift newly laid turf either.

Frozen turf rolls? No problem!

We’re not known for having the coldest winters in England, yet these past weeks have seen temperatures dipping below frozen. So what if you have your turf rolls delivered and they freeze before you lay them? Well, don’t worry – no harm will come to them. Simply wait for the turf rolls to thaw, and then lay them as you usually would. Frozen turf is a bit like frozen food – you take it out of the freezer and allow it to thaw. As long as you do this, the turf will be fine, completely unaffected by frozen conditions. Think about it, your garden turf probably freezes once a year and it’s always fine!

So, don’t delay in laying your turf. To buy turf, simply call us and place your order, you can also download our turf laying guide for advice, or ask any of our friendly staff members for more tips.