There are so many benefits to laying turf in October – in fact, it’s one of the best times of year to do it!  The cooler weather and dampness helps turf to root quickly, plus with lots more rainfall in October, less watering is required. Here’s the full lowdown on why October is the perfect time of year for laying turf, with tips from Paynes Turf, turf supplier in Essex.

Benefit 1: Turf laid in October establishes quickly

October is ideal for laying turf, providing the ground isn’t too wet. Cooler, wetter weather conditions are perfect for encouraging the roots of the turf to establish quickly and deeply, resulting in a strong root system, and ultimately, a stronger, greener and healthier lawn. In addition, the cooler weather is far better (and cooler!) for all the heavy work of preparing the ground, ready for laying the turf.

Benefit 2: Less watering is required!

After the initial deep watering at the laying stage, there’s usually little watering required, especially if it’s raining most days. This is because October is usually a very wet time of the year. However, keep your eye on the weather and if it stays dry you must water the new turf, or it will not establish. It’s always worth checking (just to make sure) that the new turf is getting enough water, either by rainfall or by watering with a hose, by lifting a corner of the turf to see if the water has seeped right the way through to the soil underneath. If it hasn’t, then you must water your new turf, or risk losing it!

Benefit 3: No need to mow so much! 

As grass generally begins to grow slower during the autumn, the need for mowing your new lawn will be less, leaving more time for the lawn to establish undisturbed – great news for reluctant gardeners! It’s worth noting, however, that you should still mow the lawn occasionally as this encourages growth and helps the lawn to grow stronger – so don’t keep your feet up for too long!