After the heat of the summer with hardly any rainfall, your lawn deserves to be treated to a maintenance programme to get it in tip-top condition. Autumn lawn care is crucial to help your lawn recover from the rigours of summer and to prepare it for the coming winter. As autumn sets in with cooler and wetter weather, it’s the ideal time to start work on lawn maintenance. Follow our top tips and advice on autumn lawn care to ensure your grass is always green.

Autumn lawn care Paynes Turf

Remove fallen leaves

Fallen leaves, if left on your lawn, will decompose quickly into a thick layer of rotting vegetation. Sweep up fallen leaves from your lawn regularly to prevent a slimy build up, and to let your grass breathe!


Scarifying your lawn will remove any build up of thatch (dead grass material), moss and dead roots. Use a spring-tine rake to pull the dead material from the lawn, or hire a scarifier from a garden machinery hire shop.


Aerating your lawn is an important step towards improving drainage, and will let fresh oxygen rich air into the soil, helping your lawn to benefit from stronger and healthier root growth. To aerate a lawn using a garden fork, push the fork in 10-15cm apart and deep across the entire lawn, concentrating on problem areas that may be worn or very wet. For larger gardens, it may be worth hiring a spiking machine to make a difficult and time-consuming job far quicker and easier.

Apply a top dressing

The application of a top dressing will promote strong healthy growth in your lawn, assist with any drainage problems, and will also help to iron out an uneven surface. Brush a good quality top dressing in with a stiff broom or the back of a rake across the lawn, taking care to create an even surface, then water well in. Nutrients from the dressing will soak into the soil, give your lawn a real boost in growth, and will help it to weather well over the coming winter months.

Repair damaged sections

Autumn is a great time to repair any damaged or worn areas by overseeding with a good quality grass seed. The damper, cooler weather will encourage the seeds to grow quickly, and will produce a healthy thick green sward.

Autumn feed

An autumn feed will give your lawn everything it needs to survive a harsh winter. Damp conditions in autumn and winter can encourage a lawn disease called Fusarium Patch. The application of a specialist autumn feed will help to discourage the onset of the disease, and will leave your lawn lush and green. Weed control autumn lawn feeds are ideal if your lawn is prone to weeds – 2 weeks after application the weeds will turn black and will require raking out and removing.