Payne’s top tips on how to attract birds to your garden

With some tips from Essex Turf Supplier, Paynes Turf, you can be sure of listening to bird song in your garden, all year round.

Plant shrubs and trees

Bird love to dart in and out of trees and shrubs as it gives them protection from predators. Consider planting native berry bearing species such as Holly and Honeysuckle and attractive shrubs like Cotoneaster and Pyracantha.

Provide a drink

 Good clean water is vital for birds, so giving a source of water will attract many birds into your garden, be it a birdbath, a pond, or even a bowl of water.

Hang out feeders

The right food is sure to keep birds visiting your garden. In winter, birds love fat balls as it gives them a good source of energy to keep them warm. Peanuts will attract Greenfinches, Nuthatches and Tits and black sunflower seeds are an excellent year round food.

How to attract birds to your garden Paynes Turf

Listen to birdsong all winter with Payne’s top tips for attracting birds into your garden