Top dressing is a fine loam packed with essential nutrients designed to improve the appearance and health of lawns. Applying a top dressing to your lawn will stimulate new growth and boost root development, making your lawn stronger and greener, whilst controlling thatch. Read on for more advice from Paynes Turf on why and how to apply top dressing.

One great advantage to using a top dressing on clay soil is that drainage will be greatly improved in the lawn, reducing the waterlogging effect that clay soils generally have. At the other end of the scale, sandy soils also benefit from a top dressing treatment as it helps to retain moisture in the lawn during dry spells.

A top dressing can be applied anytime during the grass-growing season – simply spread the dressing with a stiff broom or the back of a rake across the entire lawn. Ensure the application is even and the topsoil is not smothering the grass – you should be able to see the grass clearly and there should be no lumps in the top dressing. Uneven lawns can also be levelled at the same time; you can apply top dressing up to 3mm in depth to help iron out the surface level. It’s a good idea to water the lawn well after applying the top dressing to help the nutrients soak deep into the roots.

Leave your lawn at least a week before mowing, as mowing could remove some of the top dressing and could potentially cause damage to your lawnmower.

How to apply top dressing Paynes Turf