Snow, rain and sunshine – this April may have kicked off with a flurry of the white stuff, but one thing’s for sure, spring (possibly even summer) has finally sprung! And with it brings one of the first opportunities of the year to get outside to start preparing your garden. So where to begin?

Spring lawn care

Chances are your lawn may not be looking its best after such a long winter period, so giving it a mow will make a huge difference to how your garden looks overall. And of course, it also offers one of the first delightful fragrances of spring! If you have an established lawn, set your mower on high and cut your grass on dry days for the first two cuts. Bare patches can also be reseeded. April is a good time to lay turf if you’re starting a new garden or a new area is being laid to lawn. Our premium grade turf is ideal for all sorts of applications and can be delivered direct to your door! If you are sowing from scratch, prepare the ground now for sowing lawn seeds in early May.

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Get your hands dirty outside

As long as the weather doesn’t turn cold again (who knows!), hardy vegetables and annuals can be sown in safe knowledge that they should grow well. 6oC is warm enough to sow outside, but do bear in mind that the temperature at night has fallen to 1oC several times, despite the warm weather during the day.

Now is a great time to prune bush and shrub roses, prune back winter flowering heathers and feed with them with nitrogen-based feeds. You can also tidy up climbers. Many summer flowering bulbs can be planted now, as well as bare root trees (it’s your last chance in fact), shrubs, new fruit trees and bushes. Pot grown trees and shrubs have a much better chance of getting established now while the earth is still relatively hydrated.

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Mulch away!

It’s a good time to begin mulching beds to help plants that are just starting to poke through the soil (you could also arrange stakes and plant supports in preparation for the new growth). Layering mulch around fruit trees and soft fruit bushes is also a good idea.

Our Wood Bark is great for mulching, since its longevity means that the benefits it offers will last for longer (several years in fact) than with other products, such as compost mulches or leaf mould. This is because wood bark allows water to drain through to the soil layer and helps to prevent its evaporation from the surface, thus retaining more moisture in the ground even during dry periods of warm and sunny weather.

A month of all seasons! Paynes Turf

Wood Bark is ideal for mulching







Check back with us soon for more top tips on spring lawn and garden care!