Laying turf during the winter months can offer some serious advantages. So how do you go about landscaping your lawn with turf during winter? Read this handy guide from Essex turf supplier Paynes Turf to help you get started.

The benefits of laying turf in winter 

We harvest our turf all year round, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the cooler months and the enormous benefits this can bring when laying turf:

  • Turf laid between November and March doesn’t usually need to be watered, saving you time and money
  • The lawn will be well established before heavy use in the summer months
  • Ground preparation is easier as the soil is softer and easier to handle
  • Turf rolls will stay fresher for longer – up to 3 days in fact. So if the weather takes a turn for the worse you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve got a couple of extra days to play with. 

Remember that turf laid during the colder months will take longer to establish, however, this extended period will mean that your lawn will be healthy, strong, thick, and green.

Preparation is key

The first thing you need to do when laying turf in winter is to prepare the ground. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use a spade to undercut the old turf, and remove it.
  2. Next, turn the soil over to a depth of 15cm using a garden fork. Remove any stones, weeds or other debris as you go.
  3. Consider raking in a layer of fresh quality topsoil, especially if the ground isn’t in great condition. Topsoil will help to create a firm base and give the new turf a great start.
  4. Tread gently over the soil with your feet, level off using a rake, and then repeat the process until the ground is level.

Lay the turf

Always choose premium quality turf to ensure the best results. Laying turf during the winter is exactly the same as it would be during the rest of the year, so download our handy printable guide so you have all the information you need to hand before starting the job.