Paynes Turf wins Gold with olympic-sized park project! Paynes Turf

Paynes Turf wins Gold with olympic-sized park project!

Paynes’ Pro Sport Grade Turf is currently being laid at an International Sporting Park in Stratford London,  as part of an exciting project that will see the area transformed into a beautifully landscaped 250-acre open space of parkland and waterways. A living legacy of the 2012 international sporting event, the park will host around 2,000 events each year, including outdoor exhibitions, concerts and cultural fairs, making it destined to become one of the capital’s most vibrant hotspots.

Kent-based Willerby Landscapes, the landscaping firm that currently holds the contract for legacy work at the park, selected Paynes Turf to assist with this prestigious project. Paynes Turfs’ Pro Sport Grade Turf was identified for its outstanding quality, durability and attractive all year round appearance.

“Paynes’ Pro-Sport Grade Turf knocks competitor products out of the park. It’s easy to maintain and durable even in areas of high footfall. Only seeds from top STRI (The Sports Turf Research Institute) cultivars are selected, which is why our turf is renowned for it’s excellent hardwearing properties and high quality,” explained John Payne, partner at Paynes Turf.

In total, an olympic-sized 20,000sqm of Pro Sport Grade Turf will be installed during the renovation process. Covering such a large area, the turf is being supplied in big rolls of 20m2, enabling it to be laid as quickly and efficiently as possible. Paynes Turf is delivering the turf via the company’s own fleet of delivery vehicles, all of which include forklift unloading. This allows the turf to be transported extremely close to where it will be installed, including areas that are challenging to access.

Pro Sports Turf is available in conventional 1m2 rolls and big rolls of 20m2. For more information on any of our products, please click here or call 01255 830325.