Molesey FC goes Pro with our Sports Turf! Paynes Turf

Molesey FC pitch with Paynes Turf Pro Sports Turf

CW Landscapes has scored a win with Molesey FC thanks to our specialist Pro Sports Turf. The East Sussex based landscape contractor recently installed 1,200m2 of the turf at the club’s brand new football pitch in Surrey, which was relocated just yards away from the previous ground as part of an area development program.

Football pitches, like most sports grounds, are required to maintain a top-notch, fan-pleasing appearance while withstanding regular periods of intense, and often very rough, activity. This is exactly why Cliff Wooley, Managing Director of CW Landscapes, chose Paynes’ Pro Sports Turf for the job – during his 26 years of installing turf for major house builders including Crest, Persimmon and Charles Church, Cliff has been able to compare a wide variety of turf products from all of the leading suppliers, but thinks that there is only one contender:

“50% of the seed mix in Paynes’ Pro Sports Turf is Perennial Ryegrass, and this makes it ideal for sports grounds like Moseley FC’s, which is played on at least twice a week. It’s really tough and far more durable than other types of turf. For example, the other leading brand in the market looks fantastic as it tends to have a thicker blade, but it doesn’t have the durability of Paynes’ turf, which is much finer and means it can be cut thicker.  You can literally abuse Paynes’ turf and go three weeks without cutting it, and it will still look amazing. If you tried the same thing with other suppliers’ turf it would be really difficult to cut and look terrible,” he said.

Paynes supplied the Pro Sports Turf in two separate deliveries, rather than all at the same time, so that CW Landscapes could lay the turf while it was fresh. Thanks to this flexible service, installation of the turf went fabulously, according to Cliff, who explained:

“Paynes tick all the boxes when it comes to quality turf and reliable service. Their lorry drivers must turn up to work at 2am, because they’ll deliver to my jobs as far away as Southampton and still be there at 8am on the dot! Other firms turn up whenever’s convenient for them, without giving much notice. Often this is gone 4pm, which is just no good to me – turf has to be laid immediately and I can’t have staff waiting around all day. On the contrary, because Paynes are so reliable and get here so early it means that I can organise my staff properly and make ensure that the whole job is on schedule – which is especially important when you’re working with housing developers.”

As for the end result, Cliff is delighted: “The new football pitch is excellent, and the Pro Sports Turf looks absolutely stunning. You just can’t compare the new turf and what was on the old pitch – the difference is so vast. We’ve used Paynes Turf for years and they’ve always delivered an exceptional product and service, so I’d have no hesitation in recommending them to other landscape contractors – they’re the best.”