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November 8, 2022

Can frost damage my lawn?

When the weather gets cold and temperatures drop below freezing, many people worry about frost damaging their lawn. As a turf grower, harvester and trade turf supplier for over 40 years, we know a thing or two about frozen turf (we’ve experienced a lot of winters!) and we can reassure you – there’s nothing to worry about! There are things you can do to easily protect your lawn during freezing weather.

If your turf is freshly laid, you definitely want to put a little more effort into protecting it. The best thing you can do with a frosty lawn is… keep off of it! Walking on frosty turf can damage the turf under the surface, so while it might appear to look okay, below surface tells a different story.

Similarly, driving over a frosty lawn is also a no-no. This puts a lot of pressure on the turf, will churn it up and leave tracks behind.

Very fine lawns, like golf greens (which are often returfed in winter), can be gently brushed to remove frost.

If you laid your new lawn only recently – and winter is a great time of year to do so! – be sure to water the lawn once the frost has passed. Frost or a light dusting of snow on turf is not enough water for a lawn as it doesn’t replace the level of a good downpour. If some time passes without rain, do get the hosepipe out and give your new lawn a water – just be sure to avoid below freezing days.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of rain for some time, don’t water the lawn as well. Too much water can make grass turn over.

Remember, frost will not damage your lawn. Turf is used to surviving winter after winter, and can last through the toughest of weathers. Just be sure to avoid walking on it, and do give it a water if the rain has been holding off for some time.

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