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Border Bark

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For a Low Maintenance Garden 

Our multi-purpose Border Bark is ideal for use around the garden. Use it as play bark, garden bark, landscaping bark, and decorative bark.

You can even use it to help suppress weeds, protect soil from frosts, and retain moisture in soil.

One bag is 0.73m³, which covers 7.3m² at a depth of 100mm.

To find out how much you need, please use our turf and topsoil calculator below.

Play bark
Garden borders
Landscaping projects
Use as a mulch
Helps to retain moisture in soil
Suppresses weeds
Protects plant’s roots from drying out
Durable and long lasting
Wood Bark is great for mulching, since its longevity means that the benefits it offers will last for longer than with other products such as compost mulches or leaf mould, several years in fact. Water can drain through the wood bark layer, so that rain reaches the soil and therefore the plant roots, but the mulch helps to prevent this water from evaporating from the surface of the soil again, thus retaining more moisture in the ground, even during dry periods of warm and sunny weather.

In addition a layer of Wood Bark will help to suppress weed growth, avoiding the need to spend any back-breaking days removing unwanted plants – a benefit to professional and amateur gardeners alike, particularly those with busy schedules. Wood Bark used for mulching will also help to insulate the soil, and therefore plants’ roots, so any damage from extreme heat or cold can be lessened.

Our Wood Bark is ideal to be used as play bark, garden bark, landscaping bark, and decorative bark.

To find out more about our Wood Bark, including how much you’ll need, how much it will cost and when the next available delivery slot is, use our product & price calculator.